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How to reach Belgrade

[Belgrade aeronautical connections]

Belgrade takes a central position on the Balkan Peninsula, at the confluence of two large international rivers, the Danube River and the Sava River. Due to its central position, other regional capitals are near: Budapest 369 km, Sofia 379 km, Zagreb 393 km, Skopje 440 km, Sarajevo 325 km, Podgorica 450 km, and Bucharest 614 km.

Belgrade is a crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe and is connected to these regions by two major European highways, the E-70 and the E-75. Belgrade is well-served by buses. The two coach stations (BAS and Lasta) have a total of 80 departure platforms and 20 arrival platforms, with a daily turnover of more than 1,400 coaches. Belgrade railway junction is an intersection where 7 main railway lines carrying international traffic and 5 local lines meet.

Belgrade is served by Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG), which is located just 12 kilometers away from the city centre. The airport receives numerous flights from European cities and also receives a number of transatlantic flights as well as flights from the Middle East and Africa.


Accommodation for the participants who registered before May 15th will be in the Hotel Palace. The Hotel is situated just six minutes walk from the Conference venue (please see the map).

Hotel Palace

[Hotel Palace - City Map]
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How to reach city center

You can get from the airport to the Belgrade center using bus line 72. Hotel Palace is located very close to the final station of the line 72:

[Walk from final stop of line 72 to Hotel Palace]
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The route from the main Bus station or main Railway station to the Hotel Palace is presented on the next map:

[Way from the railway station to Hotel Palace]
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Welcome to Belgrade!

[Sava/Danube confluence]

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, stands on the confluence of the Sava River into the Danube River. Its population is about 2 million. Due to its unique position in the heart of the Balkans, it has been a meeting point of different civilizations for thousands of years.

[St Sava Temple] [Knez Mihailo Street] [A gallery tour]

Belgrade offers beautiful promenades along the river banks and excellent pastime in dozens of boat-restaurants. Don't forget to visit the magnificent Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan, which is located in the city centre and offers a breathtaking view of the confluence!

[Crusing river Danube] [Exquisite cuisine]

The bohemian district "Skadarlija" offers authentic downtown experience of the late 19th century. You can enjoy traditional cuisine and folk music, which has been true inspiration to artists and marked an entire epoch.

[Tri šešira / Three Hats] [Skadarlija 1] [Skadarlija 2]

For more information you can visit the site of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade:

[Belgrade Welcomes You]