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Milana Desančić was born on 20.06.1977. in Nova Gradiška. She started studies at Agricultural Faculty, Department of Plant and Food Protection in year 1995/96 and graduated in 2000, with average grade 9,6. In year 2001/2002 she started postgraduate studies at Department of Entomology in Belgrade and completed in 2005 by defending master thesis: “Comparative biology of Gymnetron thapsicola Germ. and G. hispidum Brulle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and their suitability for biological control of plants from the genus Linaria Mill.”. Since 2001, she works at the Institute for Plant Protection and Environment in Belgrade, at the Department of Plant Pests, as a researcher. In 2002, she received a scholarship from Norwegian Research Council and spend practical training at Department of Entomology, Planteforsk. During postgraduate studies, from 2002 to 2004, she participated in international project with CABI Bioscience, Delemont, Switzerland: “Investigations on potential biological control agents of Dalmatian and Yellow toadflaxes, Linaria dalmatica and L. vulgaris”.

  Slobodan Krnjajić, entomologist  
  Tatjana Cvrković, entomologist  
  Slobodan Tukelić, technical assistant  

Department of Plant Pests, Institute for Plant Protection and Environment Belgrade

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