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The Great Serbian Chemists' Collection (The Museum of Chemistry) was inaugurated on 21st October 2002 to mark the 130th anniversary of Sima Lozanić's coming to the Chemistry Department of "Velika škola" ("Advanced School"). The permanent exhibition is called: Sima Lozanic and the Great Serbian Chemists. The exhibition is dedicated to the distinguished individuals who have left a significant mark on Serbian chemistry:

The well-kept heritage - the original documents and equipment from the first chemical laboratory at "Licej" and "Velika škola" - is a valuable testimony to the development of chemistry in Serbia. At the same time it shows that, in spite of all the devastation, the past heritage hasn't sunk into oblivion and that it will be carefully preserved in the future under the auspices of the Faculty of Chemistry.

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The documents (a few hundreds of them) and the photographs (about a hundred of them) are placed on the columns, whereas the laboratory equipment and apparatus are kept in special showcases and on shelves. The 19th century books, textbooks, our chemists' correspondence, photographs and documents are kept in cabinets.

On most of the columns (10 of them) the photographs and documents which are related to the life and work of Sima Lozanić (1847-1935) are displayed. They show:

1. His high school days, and later his days at "Velika skola", in Zurich and Berlin (the reports of the state cadet on the studies).
2. His election as Professor at "Velika skola" (1872) and the work at "Velika skola", the laboratory equipment, the rector of "Velika skola".
2a. The chairman of the University Committee for the Organization of the University, the first rector of the University of Belgrade and work at the University.
3. University textbooks (organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical technology, chemistry practice books).
4. His work on the development of chemistry teaching in high schools and high school textbooks.
5. Scientific papers (organic chemistry, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, theoretical chemistry).
6. His work in the field of applied chemistry (analyses of drinking water, mineral water and minerals, vegetation experiments).
7 & 8. Professional papers (analyses of ores, coals, counterfeit money, agricultural products, wines, objects for military use and others).
9. Official service: the Minister of Economy (1894/1895, 1897-1899), a diplomat in London (1900-1902), a participant in wars (1876-78, 1885, the First World War).
10. Awards, the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of work (1922) and retirement.
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Two columns are dedicated to the first Serbian chemist - Mihailo Rašković (1827-1872): his election as professor of chemistry and chemical technology, the manuscript of his lectures on chemistry and metallurgy at "Licej" and "Velika škola", lecture timetable, laboratory equipment, analyses performed for different ministries (analyses of ores, counterfeit money and others), reviews written for the Society of Serbian Letters and the Serbian Learned Society, his position as the Commissar for coinage of the first Serbian money in Vienna (1868).

There are two columns with the documents which are related to the life and work of Marko Leko (1853-1932): his work in "Gimnazija", his professorship exam, his work in the State Chemical Laboratory, scientific and professional papers, his work at "Velika škola", programme of lectures, laboratory equipment, his election as rector of "Velika škola", the foundation of the Serbian Chemical Society" and minutes of the Serbian Chemical Society.

One column shows the documents related to the life and work of Milorad Jovičić (1868-1937), the first assistant to Sima Lozanic: his education, work at the University, scientific papers and his membership in the YASA.

One column is dedicated to Vukić Mićović (1896-1981): his participation in the First World War, his position as the assistant to Sime Lozanic and Milivoje Lozanic, his education, his position as the rector of the University, his scientific and professional papers.

The heritage of the following chemists is kept in the cabinets: Sima Lozanić, Milivoje Lozanić, Mihailo Rašković, Milorad Jovičić, Vukić Mićović, Đorđe Stefanović, Mihailo Mihailović and Milenko Ćelap.

The founder of the Collection is Prof. Dr. Snežana Bojović, and the authors of the exhibiton are Snežana Bojović and Adela Magdić, a senior curator at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade. The Collection has been in charge of Dr. Snežana Bojović and Dr. Jasminka Korolija since 2008. The collection belongs to the Association of the Serbian Museums of Science and Technology the parent museum of which is the Museum of Science and Technology.

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Working hours of the Collection:
Weekdays 12 to 3 PM - Saturdays are for group visits only
You should inform us about your visit in advance!
Person in charge:   Jasminka Korolija
Contact:   Slađana Savić

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