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Branimir S. Jovančićević, Ph.D.

full professor
Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, Beograd
Department of Applied Chemistry

Phone:   011-2635004, 011-3336723

Phone (local):   723

Office:   633

Laboratory:   632

E-mail:   bjovanci AT chem · bg · ac · rs

Personal data

Branimir Jovančićević was born in Užice (Serbia) in 15/04/1962. In birthplace he finished elementary and grammar school. Father Stanko, professor of literature, mother Olga (deceased), professor of history. Spouse Milica, B.Sc in history and librarian in Institute of History. Daughters, Sofija (17) and Ivana (15).

Education and qualifications

1981-1985: Undergraduate studies - Chemistry / Prirodno-matematički fakultet (Belgrade, Serbia)

1988: Master of science studies - Chemistry / Prirodno-matematički fakultet (Belgrade, Serbia)

1994: Doctoral academic (PhD) studies - Chemistry / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

History of employment

1989: Graduate assistant / Prirodno-matematički fakultet (Belgrade, Serbia)

1991-1995: Assistant / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

1993-2004: Assistant professor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

1999-2004: Associate professor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2003-2016: Full professor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

Scientific interest

Organic geochemistry, environmental chemistry.

Other activities

Member of European Association of Chemistry and the Environment from 2001. Board member.

Member of European association of organic geochemists from 2003.

Member of Serbian Chemical Society from 2007 - Section for Environmental Chemistry and Protection. President of the Section for Environmental Chemistry and Protection. Member of the presidency of SCS since 2008.

Member of Humboldt club of Serbia from 2009. Secretary of HCS.

Chairman of the Board of the Faculty of Chemistry from 2004 till 2009.

Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry from October 1, 2009 till September 30, 2015.

Head of the Department of Applied Chemistry from October 1, 2015 till October 11, 2018.

Deputy member of the Ethical Committee from July 12, 2018.

Head of the Department of Applied Chemistry from October 11, 2018.

Member of the from December 10, 2020.

Branimir Jovančićević is a dean of Department of Chemistry. He is the president of the Executive Council of the Governmental Agency for Chemicals, secretary of the Serbian Humbolt Club, member of the Maternal Committee for Geo- and Astro-sciences of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and member of the Section Human Being and the Environment of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Branimir Jovančićević is  European Comission expert for FP7 projects. Professor Jovančićević is member of the Scientific Committee of the  European Association of Environmental Chemistry and member of the Editorial Board of the official journal of this Association Environmental Chemistry Letters (Springer). He is member of the European Association of Organic Geochemists and of the Executive Committee and the Presidency of the Serbian Chemical Society.

Educational activities

Participation in research projects

Active projects:

Finished projects:

Author identification numbers

Representative references

Knjige i revijalni radovi / Books and reviews:

  1. Vitorović, Dragomir; Jovančićević, Branimir. Osnovi organske geohemije sa hemijom goriva – za studente Hemijskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, Hemijski fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Beograd (2005), 250 str.
  2. Jovančićević, Branimir. Praktikum organske geohemije sa hemijom goriva – za studente Hemijskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, Hemijski fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Beograd (1999), 50 str.
  3. Programme and the Book of Abstracts, The Sixth Euroepan Meeting of Environemntal Chemistry (EMEC6), Serbian Chemical Society, Belgrade, (2005) Edited by B. Jovančićević, 334 pp.
  4. Dragomr Vitorović – 80 godina života i rada, Hemijski fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Beograd (2005), Urednici, Ž. Čeković i B. Jovančićević, 176 str.
  5. Jovančićević, Branimir; Polić, Predrag; Vitorović, Dragomir. Organic geochemical investigation of crude oils. The southeastern part of the Pannonian Basin in Yugoslavia. J. Serb. Chem. Soc. (1998), 63, 397-418.
  6. Jovančićević, Branimir; Polić, Predrag; Nedeljković, Jovan; Vitorović Dragomir. GC-MS in organic matter investigation of Yugoslav sediments. Chem. Industry (1998), 52, 504-514.

Izabrani radovi / Selected papers:

  1. Jovančićević, Branimir; Polić, Predag; Vitorović, Dragomor; Scheeder, Georg; Teschner, Manfre; Wehner, heramnn. Biodegradation of oil-type pollutants in Danube alluvial sediments (Yugoslavia). Fresenius Envir. Bull. (2001) 10, 178-182.
  2. Jovančićević, Branimir; Polić, Predarg; Mikašinović, Branko; Scheeder, georg; Teschner, Manfred; Wehner, Heramnn. Steranes and triterpanes as a tool for identification of petroleum-type pollutants in alluvial ground waters (Danube alluvial sediments, Yugoslavia). Fresenius Envir. Bull. (2001) 10, (6) 527-532.
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