[dr Katarina T. Smiljanic]

Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, Beograd
Department of Biochemistry

Office:   403

Laboratory:   403

E-mail:   katarinas@chem.bg.ac.rs

Personal data

Mother of three children, Zaharije, Anastasija and Ilija, who are her joy and pride. Wife of Pavle Smiljanic, public prosecutor and his Sun, Moon and the Stars. Changed more working places, industries and jobs on different continents in the fields of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Medicine. Beside Serbian as mother tongue, she uses English language frequently with moderate French and Arabic language proficiency.

Education and qualifications

1990-1994: Undergraduate studies - Chemistry / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

1994-1999: Master of science studies - Chemistry / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2012: Doctoral academic (PhD) studies - Biology / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Biology (Belgrade, Serbia)

History of employment

1995-1996: Associate researcher / Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences (Belgrade, Serbia)

1996-1998: Associate researcher / Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University (Kuwait, Kuwait)

2000-2002: Assistant professor / American University in Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

2003-2010: GlaxoSmithCline Export Ltd. (Belgrade, Serbia)

2009-2012: Associate researcher / Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences (Belgrade, Serbia)

2010-2011: Assistant professor / American School of Medicine (Belgrade, Serbia)

2013-2013: Scientific associate / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2013: Scientific associate / Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences (Belgrade, Serbia)

2013-2017: Scientific associate / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2017-2017: Scientific councilor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2018-2019: Scientific associate / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2019-2024: Senior scientific associate / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2024: Scientific councilor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

Scientific interest

  • Immunoproteomic characterization of allergens and intracellular pathogens
  • Bioinfomatics
  • Natural products and drug development
  • Signal pathways in diabetes and cardioascular diseases

Awards and merits

1995: "Djordje Stefanovic" Diploma for the best student of the generation 1990.
4th Holder

October 2002: FEBS Young Research Scientist

September 9, 2015: The best oral presentation on 4th International Congress of Analytical Chemistry

Other activities

Member of Serbian Biochemical Society from October 1, 2002.

Member of Serbian Chemical Society from April 2013.

Member of Serbian Proteomics Association from December 28, 2015.

Member of European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology from December 1, 2017.

Teaching activity:

2014-2017 Guest lecturer for postgraduate courses at University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry:
1. Molecular biotechnology (452V1) – master's course
2. Calculations in biochemistry and molecular biology (405V1) - master's course

2010-2011 Senior Lecturer of Medicinal Chemistry, postgraduate Course at American School of Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia

2000 – 2002 LECTURER for BIOCHEMISTRY; graduate Course "Introduction to Biochemstry (Liberal Arts), American University in Dubai (AUD), UAE

1996 – 1998 TEACHING & RESEARCH ASSISTANT; teaching graduate Course: "Introduction to Toxicology", at Dept. Pharmacology & Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Mentorship engagement and raising the young researchers

1) Co-mentor for the doctoral thesis (still in active role since 2019) of Teodora Djukić, entitled “Application of various immunochemical and instrumental methods for qualitative and semi-quantitative characterization of post-translational and chemical modifications of the main allergens of roasted and raw peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)”

2) Co-mentor for the doctoral thesis of Ivana Prodić (2017-2019), entitled: “Digestomics of peanut allergens and characterization of digestion resistant fragments” defended on December 3rd, 2019, at UBFC. https://cherry.chem.bg.ac.rs/handle/123456789/4384?locale-attribute=sr_RS

3) Member of the defense Committee of master thesis defended by Aleksa Savić, entitled: "Optimization of expression conditions of fluorescently labeled human α-synuclein in Escherichia coli bacteria" on 28th of September, 2022, at UBFC http://cherry.chem.bg.ac.rs/handle/123456789/5566

4) Member of the defence Committee of Jana Ogrnjenović doctoral thesis, entitled:"Immunoproteomics of silver-leaved linden (Tilia tomentosa) and small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) pollen and their biochemical characterization" defended on october 2013 at UBFC and Reporter of PhD thesis dring the inaugural ceremony of novel PhDs in Biochemistry at UB rectorate on 2014.

Dr. Katarina Smiljanić also participated as a member of the Committee for the Evaluation and Defense of Master's and Final Thesis at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade:

1. Ana Milošević, graduate biochemist master's degree, defended her master's thesis entitled: "In vitro examination of the mechanisms of the modulatory effect of green tea catechins on human cells", (thesis defense 10.10. 2013).

2. Sara Trifunović, graduate biochemist master, defended her master's thesis entitled: "Immunoproteomics of silver-leaved linden (Tilia tomentosa) and small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) pollen and their biochemical characterization" on 24.12.2014.

3. Sara Trifunović's final work entitled: "Characterization of IgE binding proteins of linden pollen" defended on September 30, 2013. at UBFC (active participation and guidance)

4. Smina Mukhtar, graduate biochemist master, defended her master's thesis entitled: "Expression, isolation and characterization of two allergen isoforms of European small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) and endemic, silver-leaved linden (Tilia tomentosa)" on 09/28/2017.

5. Smina Mukhtar's final paper entitled: "Expression of the main pollen allergen of silver-leaved linden (Tilia tomentosa) in E. coli" defended on September 30th, 2016. at UBFC.

6. Petar Jovanović, graduate biologist, defended his master's thesis under the title: "Using the moss Hupnym cupresiforme Hedw." in active biomonitoring of heavy metals and its biochemical response to the conditions of the urban environment" defended on September 30th, 2015 at UBFC.

Participation in research projects

Active projects:

Finished projects:

Author identification numbers

Representative references

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