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[Research groups]

Research Groups

A brief presentation of research groups operating at FC. Scientific work is conducted through these groups.

[Representative projects]

Representative Scientific Projects

Some of the most important projects - national and international - being conducted at the Faculty of Chemistry.


Analytical and Other Equipment

An overview of cutting edge equipment available at our Faculty. These instruments are used for scientific research, and also offered for performing commercial analyses.

[Research results]

Our Results and Successes

Annual reports on scientific research, statistics on published results, etc.


Summer Schools and Training

Advanced Summer Schools offered for PhD students, researchers and research professionals.


Scientific research


Exceeded accreditation standard


Members of teaching and research staff


Scientific publications in the past 10 years


Active projects

About Faculty

The Faculty of Chemistry is a public higher education institution that operates within the University of Belgrade. Classes are realized in three levels: basic, master's and doctoral academic studies. Study programs are designed according to the highest standards. The mission of the faculty is to create highly educated staff in the field of chemistry, alongside with continuous raising of the quality of teaching.

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Studentski trg 12-16, 11158 Belgrade, PAK 105104

Office:   +381 11 3282-111
Secretariat:   +381 11 2184-330
Treasury:   +381 11 2638-785
Students' service:   +381 11 3336-678,   studentska_sluzba@chem.bg.ac.rs
IT service:   +381 62 547-908
College bookshop:   +381 11 3336-709,   skriptarnica@chem.bg.ac.rs